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By Doris | December 12, 2010

What is your return on investment when you hire the right coach?

Doris Helge, Ph.D. © 2011



Top athletes hire coaches to ensure that they stay on track. Executives, students, employees, entrepreneurs, and stay-at-home parents who want to be all they can be hire professional coaches. They gain clarity, guidance and accountability. They elevate their confidence, build thriving businesses and relationships, improve their health and accomplish other major life goals.

The power of coaching begins the moment the client makes a firm commitment to themselves. They hire a coach to help them consciously walk the path to self-actualization. Since everyone in the client’s life gains secondary benefits, the reasonable expense of hiring a coach is even easier to justify.


When you hire a professional coach who has demonstrated that they truly care about your progress, research indicates that you’re making a wise decision. Even when we have a clear goal, there may be just a 50/50 chance of success because we need to consistently take focused action. We need a system that works for us . . . a way to stay motivated and on track. A well-trained professional coach can escalate your journey to success.


The following statistics from the American Society of Training and Development website, http://ASTD.org illustrate the probability of successfully completing a goal.

A study was quoted on page 222 of Lechter, Sharon L. & Reid, Greg (2009). NY: Sterling Publishing Company. The survey was conducted by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and revealed that people who are coached report a positive change in personal work habits as well as the following improvements.

For more information about the International Coach Federation (ICF) survey, google “International Coach Federation + 62.4% smarter goal setting + www.coachfederation.org/includes/redirects/articlecount.cfm?…

In addition, the following statistics are quoted from the Avatar website,  http://avatarbusinesscoaching.com/Coaching_Statistics_info.html

1. Manchester, Inc. study reported a return of $6 for every dollar spent on coaching. Improvement was made in bottom-line profitability, productivity, quality,organizational strength, customer service, reducing company complaints and cost reductions.

The American Society for Training and Development studies have shown that training, when combined with coaching, increases productivity by 86%, as opposed to a 22% increase with training alone.

“Statistics on business coaching have proved that using a business coach can increase your profit margin by an average of 46%. However, further statistics reveal that 42% of businesses don’t use a business coach . . . The 42% who are not using the guidance of a business coach are at risk of being left behind, regardless of how proficient they are in running a business.”

70% very valuable

28.5% valuable

50% confide as much as their best friend, spouse or therapist

12% confide in their coach more than anyone else

84.8% Sounding board

78.1% Motivator

50.5% Mentor

46.7% Business Consultant

41% Teacher

A recent study of 100 executives who received coaching reported that their companies benefited from improvements in:


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