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Doris Helge, Ph.D.Your facilitator is Doris Helge, Ph.D., MCC. Doris has been helping people just like you achieve their dreams since 1984. Doris is an IAC-certified coach and founder of the IAC-licensed Coaching School, "Confident Coach Connection," described at She has walked your path and she’s highly intuitive, so she understands how to help you.

In addition to her successful coaching practice, Doris is also author of bestselling books now published in many foreign languages, such as "Conquer Your Inner Critic", "Joy on the Job" and "Transforming Pain Into Power -- Making the Most of Your Emotions." She has been interviewed on "The Today Show," NPR and CNN. Before becoming a mentor coach, Doris taught at three universities and directed national organizations.

Doris is "The Coaches Coach." She's the Success Coach who empowers you to overcome your fears and accelerate your success. Let Doris share secrets you will immediately use to quickly elevate your confidence so you can make more money and truly enjoy your coaching career. Enjoy living your dream of being confident and successful NOW!

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"Not only is Doris a masterful coach, she is also a masterful teacher. I've also trained coaches for years. Doris is one of the best I've ever heard."


Barbra Sundquist, MPA, IAC-CC,

  • Are you "a natural" at helping people . . . but a little voice inside sometimes shrieks, "Do I really know enough to make a big difference?"
  • Do you want to become a certified coach?
  • Do you ever feel pressured to "perform" when you're coaching?
  • Have you ever wondered if it's possible to build a successful coaching practice?

Discover how to totally trust the process of your coaching.

Your new coaching confidence will produce positive
ripple effects in every area of your life.

"Doris is THE COACH'S COACH. I use her techniques daily with my clients. Trying to let go of or release emotions like anger and fear guarantees that they'll keep reappearing. Doris' work is the missing piece I share with my clients. When they use Doris' tools, they watch their self-judgments melt, their anger turn into love, and their fear become self-confidence."


C. Dana Roberts, psychologist, New York, NY

"I am moving very quickly, to the next level of coaching mastery, thanks to your insightful questions and your remarkable ability to offer inspired suggestions to use our painful situations to grow. We have gone much deeper than my work with other mentor coaches. Coaching with you is a transformational experience of absolute trust and love. I really get what it means to love your clients when I experience your coaching.
Flo MauriFlo Mauri, Coach/Consultant to Emerging Leaders,

Dear Doris,

Thank you so very much for today's call. I'm starting to realize why I was led to this class. I was never going to become the coach or person I wanted to be without the proper guidance. You are a wonderful, caring mentor. Each time I get off a class call, I feel like I've been shot out of a cannon. It's an amazing feeling. Thank you for always being there for me. I feel new growth daily. 


Julie ConsoloJulie Consolo, Life Coach and CEO of Lake Barrington Professional Services, Chicago, Illinois,


"Doris, you're an excellent coach . . . thanks for being a role model, too. You helped reorient my thinking as I take my first step onto the conveyor belt!"

Ruth Anderson, Vantage Point Coaching & Consulting,

Learn how to connect with the part of your brain that will signal you to spontaneously enjoy greater confidence and trust.

  • Fully use Your Innate Intuitive Edge when you're coaching (and in other parts of your life).
  • Overcome your fears that you can't build a successful coaching business.
  • Shatter the myths that block your intuition when you're coaching.
  • Discover your unique intuitive style.
  • Build your "receiving muscles" for perceiving clues and receiving coaching income.
  • Discover how to sidestep the most common problems caused by goal-setting.
  • Enjoy the career benefits of becoming a certified coach.

And also gain so many more
benefits of True Coaching Confidence.

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"Doris, I was amazed at what happened during our sessions. You were so totally focused on helping me reach my goals. You helped me discover my inner strengths . . . strengths I didn't even know I have. I love truly expressing myself and being 100% me. I'm moving forward now! Thanks for your help!"


Edna Johnson,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


You'll love YOUR new confident smile and the warm glow in your heart!


Self-trust for the Coach is essential to excellent coaching. It makes everything come together for you with flawless precision. 

"Mentor Coach Doris Helge, Ph.D., draws on her vast experience and profound intuition to connect with me at a deep level. Doris is a master at finding the themes within our sessions and helping me hone in on them. Her questions make me dig deep to clarify and expand what the real issue is so I move forward with joy. Doris identifies and validates my strengths and this helps me set a plan of action that works!"

Jude Eastman, M.Ed., Life and Soul Coach

Discover how to totally connect with your greater life purpose.

  • Have you ever wanted to enjoy the comfort of a profound sense of deep inner peace when you're coaching? 
  • Would you like to FEEL your personal power and SEE amazing results with your clients when you gain these benefits? 

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"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful, specific and precise feedback on my coaching. What a gift you gave me."

Patricia Robinson, MS, MA, MFT and Coach,

Discover these amazing benefits for yourself so you can do your destiny and help so many people.

"Doris, thank you for all your support and wisdom. I owe my inner strength and clarity to only three sessions with you! This year will be my best year ever thanks to you and your help! The more of you I have, the better I do!"

HelenHelen Georgaklis, Financial Planner & Entrepreneur, Montreal, Canada

Listen to a testimonal from one of Doris' clients


"I love your warmth and energetic vibe that you bring each time we talk. I feel like I've known you for years. Thank you for seeing the greatness in me and desire to see and help me excel to my higher potential."

Alicia Horn

"Ever wonder what Your Very Best Self would look like? In my first 40 minutes with Doris, she helped me confidently move forward and crack the code to more personal success and joy! I am a huge fan of Doris' Helge's coaching and personal development work. What better investment can we make in our lives than to discover our inner-most desires and overcome the roadblocks that keep us from achieving them?"


Cathy Nielsen, Washington State

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Breathe a great big sigh of relief that you can finally get the assistance you need and deserve. Contact us so we can help you achieve your goals quickly and without unnecessary stress. We'll contact you to listen carefully as you describe your unique dreams and challenges. We’ll give you some preliminary feedback that will help you decide whether you prefer teleclasses or individual coach mentoring.

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